summing up

So I thought I would take a moment to share my feelings about the technology that has been discovered since undertaking this online class. It has been an extremely rewarding exercise however it also has been extremely hard.  I love that schools are making the move and are incorporating a larger part of technology in to the school curriculum but at what point does it come too much? The school that I am currently undertaking placement at does 6 + hours a week devoted to just Information Technology, however they don’t offer their students science in their regular schooling.

I just feel that a little too much emphasise is being put onto technology, it was only the other day that a fellow education student said to me that ” kids don’t really need to learn to write neatly and we shouldn’t be concentrating on how legible it is because everything will be done on computers soon anyway” I’m not saying that she is completely incorrect but come on…. children still need to learn the basics.  It is the same as mathematics, we all know that there is a calculator do do it for us but we still need to know how to do mathematics.

I will make an effort to include technology in day to day use within the classroom environment, the smart boards are an awesome invention and i can’t wait to learn more about them.  I just feel the curriculum is so packed full of new things that the basics might get left behind. they are still important in my books

let me know how you feel. 🙂 I would love to hear a tech savvey’s idea on this subject and change my misconception if i have one.

Diigo 1 , Kendall 0

Well as others may have noticed Diigo has proved to be a little more difficult than expected. I have tried and tried again to successfully complete the weeks task but with no luck I finally give up.  Lets hope i can get this Audio week to work in my favour.


week 4

ok so i have just tried to create a diigo account by following the online instructions for this week and my page does not match the one on his….. o dear i am in some trouble. i am unsure how to create a bookmark or whatever we are meant to be doing????? so lost! PLEASE HELP ANY ONE PLEASE PLEASE…

Week 3

Goodness this is proving to be a little difficult. I am struggling to with this Google reader thing…  but what I have found out is that Google reader is a program where you can add blogs that I assume you would be interested in following. Therefore if a new blog is post a message is sent to your account. This is a good idea; it makes checking updates a lot easier instead of looking at each individual blog.

I think I would use Google reader in my classroom just because it was easier to set it up than other programs and seemed to be simplified 🙂 If Google reader was used within the classroom it would definitely bring a great interactive aspect and allow integration between IT and Literacy.

I think student would enjoy this program and I’m happy because I managed to get it going… still I would rather talk face to face with a person.

Week 1

So I have been struggling with this whole online unit. I lack in motivation to blog and I still don’t see why people do it (sorry to all those blog lovers I respect your dedication) in week one of EST430 we looked at Edmodo which is an educational social network for student and teachers providing a safe way of communication.

The feature of Edmodo that I have further investigated is the library feature. Basically it enables you to save other peoples posts and therefore allow you to access them more quickly. I guess this is a good idea for blogger’s as they can keep track of their favorite posts.

Edmodo is a good idea especially in primary schools as it provides a safe way for students to connect with one another instead of other social networking site like facebook.  I do think I would use this as a teacher to post what activities the class may be doing. It would be good for parents to communicate as well.

not very tech savvy

well…. here i am.

I can’t even use my mobile phone properly let alone create a blog but here I am on one of life little uncomfortable journeys…   so please don’t be afraid to lend a hand and help me transition into the 21 century. Lets hope i learn enough from this scary online class to eventually maybe include some of it in my future classroom.

The struggle will continue.

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